Jabra VOX In-Ear Headphones Review

When it comes to listening to music, watching a movie or even playing a game we want great quality sound. Many people get this in the form of large bulky headphones. While this do provide great sound they are not the easiest to travel with or say take on a run with you. This is where in-ear headphone or earbuds as many people refer to them come in. Today we are taking a look at a set from Jabra called VOX. VOX features 8.6mm drivers at 16 Ohm, a lightweight design, in-line controls and much more. Are these the next set of in-ear headphones for you? Read on as we take a look.

Special thanks to Jabra for providing the VOX in-ear Headphones to review.

The VOX comes in a very nice retail package. It is open on the front so you can get a good look at the headphones and the in-line controller. On the back of the package there is some information about the headphones, a list of specifications and it lets us know the headphones are made for iOS and Android devices.

Jabra VOX In-Ear Headphones Jabra VOX In-Ear Headphones

Getting everything out of the package you have the VOX headphones, carrying case, getting started guide, extra earbuds, and some information about the Jabra app. In total you have 3 sets of earbuds (small, medium, large) which should suit everyones needs.

Jabra VOX In-Ear Headphones Jabra VOX In-Ear Headphones

For a full video unboxing and overview of the Jabra VOX headphones check out our video below.