Jelfin Gel-covered Mouse Review

Final thoughts
The gel cover of the Jelfin is the primary selling point of the mouse. The unique shape augments this and provides a far more ergonomic feel than most other mice have.

It is worth the $35 MSRP? I don’t know. If it’s replacing a generic mouse, then it is likely worth it. If you’re a gamer looking for something new and different, skip this one: the DPI is there, but the extra buttons aren’t. For me? It’ll replace the Intellimouse I’ve been using when my Orbita’s battery is dead or when someone else needs to use my computer.

It’s likely that the price will drop if the popularity takes off. It’s currently only available at Amazon. Many consumers prefer to feel a mouse before purchasing it, so I think adoption will be driven by word of mouth and “come feel this new mouse I got” experiences until Jelfin can secure distribution to the likes of Best Buy and such.

We were advised to expect a wireless version of the Jelfin at some point in the future. While I’m sure this will drive up the price, the value of such a device would be far greater than its current wired version. If Jelfin can keep this wireless version under $50, I’ll consider it nearly a must-try with a strong recommendation to buy. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Jelfin Gel-covered Mouse a 9 out of 10 score.

  • Pros
    • Gel cover is neat, absorbs moisture
    • Ergonomic feel
    • High DPI or exact movements
  • Cons
    • May not be worth the price yet
    • Limited availability

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