Keep an Eye on the Top Gaming PCs of 2022

The greatest gaming PCs are capable enough to support the most resource-intensive and graphically complex video games while remaining in the smallest and most beautiful form factor conceivable. While fantastic, these gaming machines tend to have the biggest price tags on the PC market. A powerful gaming PC, albeit expensive, pays for itself in a variety of ways. Aside from playing over 1,500 games at lightning-fast frame rates and super high quality, you can also use these high-end PCs for graphic design, animating, streaming 4K movies to your TV, or just getting work done. This is especially true if you pair it with one of our top gaming mice options.

With next-generation consoles on the market, it’s worth noting that, although the PS5 and Xbox Series X make for excellent power, they’re still no rival for one of the finest gaming computers. If you desire fast-loading SSDs, stunning ray tracing, large amounts of RAM, 4K resolution, and frame rates of 60+ frames per second, you wouldn’t have to wait for these consoles to be restocked; you can have the greatest gaming computers right now. Furthermore, unlike consoles, PCs may be upgraded when superior components become available. Current PCs are easier to update than ever before, and the work you put in will pay off with incredible performance while playing the greatest PC games.

These Are the Best PC Games on the Market Right Now

Because of the current chip scarcity, gaming PCs are rare and back-ordered to the point that anything you can obtain at a fair price is the finest gaming PC you can purchase right now. If it’s still available, the Corsair Vengeance i7200 is among the greatest gaming PCs money can buy, thanks to strong components and a plethora of customization possibilities. The RGB lighting is a lovely touch, and the pricing is affordable for the level of performance available.

If you can afford it, though, the Maingear Turbo is a powerhouse of a system that runs quietly and looks beautiful on a desk. It’s smaller than many full-size gaming PCs, making it ideal for a tabletop or entertainment center arrangement. The Acer Predator Orion 3000 is a wonderful choice if you’re considering a computer for someone new to gaming laptops. This reasonably priced gaming machine costs less than $2k and has the power to handle the newest games at 1080p or perhaps even 1440p. Furthermore, the casing is tiny, attractive, and simple to access, which also will come in useful for future updates. Just keep in mind that this system has trouble with 4K games.

Consider the modest Dell XPS 8940 if you’d prefer to buy a pre-built gaming PC that appears like it belongs in a workplace but yet packs enough power to play the newest games. It won’t set any speed records, but it will play the newest games nicely, and its drab, RGB-less casing will mix perfectly in with your workplace. The HP Omen 30L Gaming Desktop has one major benefit over many of its competitors: it is silent. When you’re playing intensive games, it switches on with a mild whirr and delivers ambient white noise. When compared to the aircraft engine noises of other recent gaming systems, the Omen 30L does have a great deal to offer, even as a daily productivity computer.