Keep your personal computer protected with free antivirus

Our computers have become advanced pieces of technology that not only allow us to navigate through the World Wide Web Of information, but also keep some of our most personal data on hand.


We access the Internet and various websites almost daily for everything from reading the news to playing pokies, opening up ourselves to the world, and the potential predators who thrive on attacking you personally to gain control over your personal information. Whether it is identity theft or personal theft, whereby hackers acquire documents like bank statements to clean you out, you should always be prepared.


From malicious malware like ransomware, to hackers and cloning devices you can never be too sure about your online protection. You need to access the Internet to be apart of the world and when you do a hit on your personal computer can be almost instantaneous. If you’re a personal user who wants free antivirus for all round PC protection keep reading for the best options.


Larger companies and corporations may need something a bit more beefed up than the following free antivirus software options, but if you’re a home user with standard requirements the following free antivirus protection software will keep you protected from looming online threats.


Get Protected With Bitdefender 


Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is a brilliant protection package from a Romanian company that specializes in Internet security. It’s free antivirus version has all round protection for your personal computer and keeps you up to date with the latest protection while you hardly notice it running in the background.


The free software protection package includes useful features such as on demand scans, malicious URL blocking, phishing protection, autopilot, anti-malware and anti-phishing real time protection and boasts a near perfect malware detection rate. It’s one of the best free antivirus software packages available and should definitely be installed if you’re keen on all round PC protection.


Bitdefender is available for Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Mac OS And Android devices.


Avira Free Antivirus Protection 


Avira is a leader in the PC protection arena and Avira free antivirus protection is no different. It’s world-class protection software and the free edition of the software pulls out the stops to keep your computer protected from a host of PC related threats.


Avira free version features different options for malware scanning and blocking, the software actively operates in the background with strong protection against malware threats and allows users to add nifty free add ons that make the product perfect for personal use. Avira free antivirus is available for Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Mac OS And Android devices.


Free Avast Software 


Avast is a popular antivirus choice for many personal computer owners. It’s a big name in the computer protection realm and is praised for its easy to operate interface and distinguishable protection features.


One of the best features about Avast free antivirus is that it will always be free and can also be linked to many devices. The antivirus protection software from Avast is packed with nifty features including an easy to use interface, configurable scans, customizable settings and a large user community. The software is available on Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Mac OS And Android devices.


Get Free AVG Antivirus


AVG has been protecting PC’s against malware for a long time now and the company has remained a stable choice in Antivirus protection for your personal computer.


The free version of AVG is somewhat limited but the malware scanner does do an adequate job at protecting your PC from potential threats. The best features of AVG free antivirus include an on demand malware scan, widely customizable settings, spying and data theft protection and even web portal for web protection. AVG is available for Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Mac OS And Android devices.

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