KFA2’s GeForce GT 1030 EXOC White Pictured & Detailed

We’ve been talking about the upcoming GeForce GT 1030 graphics card for a few weeks now and it seems that KFA2 has seemingly confirmed incoming retail availability of the upcoming cards. The KFA2 GeForce GT 1030 has just been pictured as well as detailed.

KFA2 GeForce GT 1030 EXOC White

KFA2’s GT 1030 EXOC White Edition comes factory overclocked out of the box and looking at the packaging it confirms 2GB of GDDR5 and a 64-bit memory bus. According to the leak the card is equipped with a 16nm GP108 GPU with 384 CUDA cores, not the 512 that were previously reported. NVIDIA could easily release a GT 1040 with the full 512 CUDA cores.

Back to KFA2’s GT 1030 EXOC it has a base clock of 1252 MHz and boosts up to 1506 MHz. Being a KFA2 card with has a sleek looking white PCB. The card is expected to go on sale for around $69 USD.

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