Kingston HyperX Predator 480GB PCI-Express Solid State Drive Review

Final Thoughts
At the end of the day the Kingston HyperX Predator is the fastest solid state drive that we have ever tested! The SATA interface is not going anywhere, it is just we have been bottlenecked by the SATA III specification for a couple of years now and it does not seem like SATA-Express is getting much traction, so drives that use the PCI-Express interface are going to be much faster. The speeds we achieved with the HyperX Predator are still even faster than two SATA-based solid state drives in a RAID 0 configuration. What were those speeds? Well in ATTO Disk Benchmark, which we use as our definitive benchmark for solid state drives, the HyperX Predator has a read speed of 1.4 GB/s and a write speed of 1.02 GB/s!

One thing I really like about the HyperX Predator is that they offer it with the M.2 adapter and without it. So if you happen to have a motherboard with a PCI-Express 2.0 x4 M.2 slot you don’t need to spend the extra money on the adapter. Also if in the future you get a motherboard with an M.2 slot you are not voiding your warranty by removing the M.2 drive from the included adapter.

Right now you can pick up the HyperX Predator in the 480GB capacity for $494.99 ($488.49 M.2 only) and the 240GB capacity for $259.99. At just over $1 per GB that is some pretty aggressive pricing given the performance of the drive. Kingston also backs the drive with a 3-year warranty.

I think this is going to be the chosen go-to solid state drive for enthusiasts, serious gamers, and people who are looking for the best performance possible. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Kingston HyperX Predator 480GB PCI-Express Solid State Drive a 10 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

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– Fastest solid state drive we have ever tested
– Easy to install and set up
– Available in PCI-Express and M.2 standalone versions
– Price
– 3 year warranty

– None that I found

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