Know More about the Mobile Tech behind Online Casinos in India

India follows China when it comes to countries with the highest number of internet users. Most Indians frequent social media and content platforms like YouTube for communication, information and entertainment. You can also add mobile casinos in the mix. While traditional gambling is still forbidden in the country, online gambling is something of a grey area. That is why the adventurous and curious lot often do their wagering in choice mobile casinos.

So, what’s the deal about Indian mobile casinos? Do read on and find out.

The Advantage of Mobile Casino Games

Lots of avid bettors in the country are now trying out a good variety of mobile casinos. Playing their gambling favorites online not only makes the whole experience faster and more convenient; it also allows them to access their games without using a desktop computer.

Mobile casinos are made to function on all sorts of operating systems like iOS and Android. Being supported by a good range of operating systems lets locals enjoy their favorite online casinos anywhere they please, any time as long as there’s internet connection.

Mobile casinos are easy to use; you can download the app for it or you can play it straight from your browser. However, if you play those games regularly, downloading the app is the most practical approach.

Remember that there are certain devices that cannot access these apps, Blackberry being one. However, you can still access the games by playing directly on the browser.

When it comes to mobile casinos, the issue most users are hesitant about is security. This is reasonable since we don’t want our private information and money falling into the wrong hands.

That is why it is important for every mobile casino user to check the online casino’s security measures carefully. Reliable online casinos make use of SSL encryption, the kinds that banks use, to provide a secure, safe environment for its players. An SSL encryption can protect users’ personal and financial information plus payouts made and prevent online criminals from stealing them.

For a good, dependable mobile casino, watch out for the following aspects:

  • Excellent mobile optimization
  • Wide mobile game selection
  • Comes with casino app
  • Provides mobile bonuses

Are Mobile Casinos Legal in India?

India is a conservative country, which is why most traditional gambling is prohibited due to the implementation of the Public Gambling Act in 1867. This law though does not extend to online gambling since this type of gambling was not around during that period. Thus, lots of locals have adopted mobile games and online casinos when it comes to gambling in India.

New laws did crop up in the 1990s in terms of land-based gambling in the country—regions like Goa, Sikkim and Diu passed a law to allow licensed casinos in five-star hotels as well as offshore ones around the aforementioned areas. Allowing authorized casinos to operate on hotels made tourism in those areas grow further.

For more information about the legalities of gambling in the country, you can check out this link.

India’s Popular Casino Games

The most exciting aspect of online casinos is the wide variety of games available. There are slot machines, card games and table games that you can enjoy using your mobile device. Here are some good examples of games that are popular among Indian users today.

  • Slots

Online slots are always an essential in every internet casino. Slot games are popular among bettors particularly beginners since it’s easy to play and does not require lots of complex strategies to win.

Slot games come in plenty of styles and shapes from standard 3-5 reel slots to 3D slots. Variations in themes are also on hand and you can find many slots dedicated to popular movie characters like the Terminator for example.

  • Jackpot

Jackpot games are a cluster of slot games which offer massive jackpots. If you are after high prizes at stake, then you should try out jackpots. Online jackpot games are the same as traditional ones—the slots present progressive jackpots and prizes that increase with time.

  • Live Casino

Live casinos are a new thing in the online gambling industry. Live casino games are often table games which are dealt with in real time and streamed in high definition.

Live casinos are the next best thing to a land-based one since you can take in the experience of playing in a real casino setting. Players can enjoy their choice table games with a dealer in actual time. You can also talk with your dealer and other players over the course of the game.

The goings-on in live casinos are caught by several cameras which take everything that happens during the game. The studios that organize such events also have a Mission Control Room that provides technical assistance or intervention to players and games.

Live dealer games that are popular with Indian users include the classics like BlackJack, Baccarat and Roulette.

Online gambling is one of the world’s most favorite pastimes due to the excitement it brings and the chances of bringing home massive prizes. Technology has contributed to the popularity of gambling, giving avid players online casinos for convenience. Now, you can play your favorite slots game or table game in the comfort of your own home, during a snack break at work or just about anywhere you go.

Joining an online casino not only provides entertainment; players also get profitable extras in the form of free spins and deposit bonuses. These days, Indian residents can totally enjoy excellent mobile casino games. For traditional gambling, locals can only play in land-based casinos in areas where it is allowed like Sikkim, Goa and Diu. The rise of online casinos finally made such games available for all citizens of the land.

Online casinos still have their benefits over traditional ones. They offer lots of game varieties, innovation and convenience. Online casinos with mobile capabilities in India are finally here to satisfy your hankering for great wagers. Come on and win the top prize anywhere you please, any time.

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