Lamptron’s Latest Air Cooler has a 6-inch Screen on it!

A very interesting CPU cooler has shown up for sale over at, the massive Lamptron ST060. It has a hefty price tag as well at €299.90 (~$325) with VAT added. While the cooler is quite large (153 × 152 × 120 mm) the thing that really separates it from other coolers is that it features a 6-inch Full HD screen on the top. This screen is embedded in the top-cap of the cooler.

Lamptron ST060

Here is what the listing says about the cooler, “(the ST060) offers extremely high cooling performance thanks to its six heat pipes and two PWM RGB fans. With a 260 W TDP, the cooler is also very quiet and has immense cooling reserves for overclocked CPUs and, despite its size, can be installed even with the mainboard installed.”

Lamptron ST060 Lamptron ST060

The screen itself will connect to your system using USB-A and HDMI, Lamptron will include these cables in the box for you. There are two models of the cooler currently available, both at the €299.90 price point. There are currently two versions of the cooler. First we have an all black version with black fans as well as black heatsink towers. Then there is an ARGB version which swaps out the black fans for ARGB fans and this version has silver heatsink towers. There are rumors that there might be a white version coming as well.

Lamptron ST060 Lamptron ST060

The cooler (screen) will run some type of specialized software to display system stats and other things on the display. The software will have full AIDA64 integration and a license for AIDA64 will come with the cooler. It is quite interesting to see this cooler come out as Lamptron really hasn’t released any new products in quite some time.

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