Leadtek Intros 4 GB WinFast GeForce GTX 760 Hurricane Graphics Card

Leadtek has announced the WinFast GeForce GTX 760 Hurricane graphics card which is equipped with a 4GB memory. This is being considered the lucky number among the many upcoming GTX graphics cards which will ship with double memory storage capacity. The only purpose for this would be to meet the Battlefield 4 recommended system requirements that requires 3GB of graphics memory. Leadtek’s card incorporates a compact dual slot aluminum fin-stack heatsink that utilizes four 8mm thick nickel plated copper heat pipes which acts like a tunnel responsible for transferring heat from the CPU to two fin-stacks. The ventilation process is carried out by a pair of 74mm fans.

Leadtek 4 GB WinFast GeForce GTX 760 Hurricane

It comes with a memory capacity of 4GB while on the other hand the card will be shipping with a factory over clocked speed of 1111MHZ (compared to 980 MHz reference), and 6280 MHz memory (compared to 6008 MHz reference, GDDR5-effective). Having core architecture of 28nm GK104 Silicon, the latest GeForce GTX 760 comes with the features like 1,152 CUDA cores and a 256-bit wide memory.

Leadtek 4 GB WinFast GeForce GTX 760 Hurricane

That is all we know for now. No information on the price yet. However as soon as we are updated on that we shall inform you right here. So keep visiting us.

Source: Leadtek | News Archive