Lenovo C325 All-in-One PC Review

Testing – General Testing
When I get any new system I run the Windows 7 experience index.  It assesses your system and gives you a score based on its findings.  The highest score you can receive for each category is 7.9.  The Lenovo C325 scored a 3.9, which is higher than both the Zotac ZBOX Nano and the Zotac ZBOX HD-AD02 as they both scored a 3.8.  The Sapphire Edge HD2 scored a 3.5.


The 20-inch screen has a maximum resolution of 1600 x 900, which will suffice for most users.  It gives you enough room to have multiple windows open at once, play games at decent resolutions and watch 720p HD videos.  Taking about 720p video I tested to see how the C325 would handle HD video.  I decided to head on over to Apple’s trailers page and see what was new.  I found the new GI Joe: Retaliation trailer 2 and downloaded it.  I played it back in QuickTime and monitored the CPU usage.  It averaged around 40-60% so you shouldn’t have any issues playing 720p HD video.  I also ran Windows Media Center and I ran quite smoothly.  When I was playing games and watching movies I was quite impressed with the built-in speakers on the C325.  They are not just the typical speakers you see on monitors, they have nice full sound.

The C325 also has some pretty cool features like the Dynamic Brightness System.  This system will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen depending on the ambient lighting in the room.  This will provide you with the best viewing possible on the C325’s screen.  You can also manually adjust the brightness yourself.  This system is designed for families and there is one feature that is great for kids.  It is the Lenovo Eye Distance system.  You can set a comfortable viewing distance and if someone gets too close for a certain amount of time it will give an on-screen warning.  Finally Lenovo has included a full suite of CyberLink programs with the C325 like CD authoring software and webcam software.

Lenovo C325 All-in-One PC Review Lenovo C325 All-in-One PC Review Lenovo C325 All-in-One PC Review

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