Monday, July 16, 2018

VooMote Zapper Universal Remote Control for iOS Devices Review

If you are anything like me you have a home theater setup with multiple devices.  With all of those devices comes remotes, remotes that are hard to keep track of and easy to lose.  I hate wanting to watch a new movie or turn on the game and I can’t find the remote!  If there is one device that we always know where it is it is our iPhone or iPad, these things you just don’t lose.  Today we have a cool little device that plugs into your iOS devices and turns them into a universal remote.  The device is called the VooMote Zapper and we are taking a look at it today.

Special thanks to VooMote for providing us with the Zapper Universal Remote Control for iOS Devices to review

Features & Specifications
Product Design – Universal Remote Control for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Range – VooMote Zapper’s 4 built in IR transmitters guarantee a bullseye every time.
Setup Wizard – Set up your VooMote Zapper quickly and easily.
Room Control – Your personalized set up for every room.
Teach-In – Learn in products with the original remote control
One View – OneView combines multiple remotes in one layout.
One Touch – Create an entire chain of commands with a single click.
Edit Mode – Personalize your remote layouts by editing, copying, pasting or deleting buttons.
Gestures – Initiate commands with simple finger movement.

The VooMote Zapper comes in a nice retail package that is open in the front so you can actually see the device.  On the front it lets us know that it is made for iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.  On the back it actually opens up to go into more detail on some of the features.

VooMote Zapper Universal Remote Control for iOS Devices VooMote Zapper Universal Remote Control for iOS Devices

Getting everything out of the box there is the VooMote Zapper device, user’s manual and a QR code that allows you to download a free wallpaper for your device.

VooMote Zapper Universal Remote Control for iOS Devices

To show you exactly how the VooMote Zapper comes and for a brief overview check out our video below.

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