Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Tablet Review

Testing & Benchmarks
Since the ThinkPad 8 runs Windows 8.1 we are able to run our normal benchmarking programs. Unfortunately we do not have any other tablets to compare to the ThinkPad 8 to, but if you have a Windows 8 tablet you can compare using the benchmarking programs we have used here.

We are going to start our testing with PCMark 8. This is the latest version of PCMark and has a few different tests. We will be concentrating on the Home, Creative and Work benchmarks.


Next we are going to be running PCMark 7. This will give you scores for various different tests and give you an idea of the overall performance of the system you are testing.


To test the graphics power of the ThinkPad 8 we will be using the latest version of 3DMark. The Ice Storm benchmark is actually made for tablets so we will be running it on its normal setting and then again on its extreme setting.


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