Lenovo Yoga 920 2-In-1 Ultrabook Review

General Usage & Final Thoughts
So like I said I took the Yoga 920 on a month long time and I have been using it for a little over a month and a half. First let me tell you about the different orientation modes. This being a Yoga laptop you can change the orientation of the laptop to suite your situation / needs. This is all of course made possible by the watchband hinge. First we have the normal orientation that you see most laptops in. Next is the lay-flat mode. After that we have the tent mode, which I feel is one of the most useful. When flying the tray-table space is limited, especially if you order a drink. Tent mode allows you to still be watching a movie or TV show and have room on the tray table for your drink or food. Finally there is full tablet mode, again very useful. When you have the laptop in tablet mode the keys are disabled.

Lenovo Yoga 920 Lenovo Yoga 920 Lenovo Yoga 920 Lenovo Yoga 920

One thing I really liked about the Yoga 920 was its weight. At just over 3 lbs it really did not add extra weight to my laptop bag, something that I took with me on daily excursions as I had my camera equipment etc inside. If the Yoga 920 was heavier, say around 5 lbs it would have made carrying around my bag that much more annoying.

Using the Yoga 920 as my daily driver was a very pleasant experience. It had no problems handling my daily browsing, social media, and productivity needs. Even editing photos in Photoshop and video in Premiere could be accomplished. Typing on the keyboard was a joy and I did not run into any issues with the trackpad either. One thing you might need to get used to if you are not used to working on a laptop with a metal chassis is the edge of laptop might feel like it is cutting into your wrists. It is just something that takes time to get used to.

Battery life on the 920 is quite good. I was able to use it on my 4 and a half hour flight all the way through. This included web browsing as well as watching movies. Normal battery life is around 8 hours, which will last any domestic flight. It is nice heading to the coffee shop for a long day or work not having to worry if I forgot my power brick or not. Another thing that is great is the Type-C charging, there are quite a few power banks out there that you can actually use to charge the Yoga 920 when you are on the go.

The only real downside I see to the Yoga 920 is its lack of ports and limited upgradeability. There are only three USB ports (2x Type-C / 1x Type-A) and remember one of the Type-C ports is your power port. There is no card reader either, so you are likely going to have to get a dongle or hub for a card reader and more Type-A USB ports. Looking to update the hard drive or memory? Well the memory is soldered to the motherboard and the hard drive is not easily accessible either.

At the end of the day though this is Lenovo’s premium two-in-one ultraportable and for me it lived up to all expectations. It performs great, feels high-end with its aluminum chassis, and watchband hinge is the best out there right now. You can pick up the version we reviewed today (YOGA 920-13IKB 80Y7) for $1299.99 at our favorite online retailer. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Lenovo Yoga 920 2-In-1 Ultrabook a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Sleek aluminum chassis
– Great overall performance
– Thunderbolt 3
– Amazing watchband hinge
– Thin and light

– Limited ports
– Not real way to upgrade anything

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