WiZ Colors Hero Smart Lamp Review

Being PC enthusiasts besides our PC build the other thing that we really take pride in our our PC setup. You know the place where we game, code, and spend quite a lot of time. At the end of last year we showed you our Ultimate Desk Setup and since then we’ve been trying to find cool things to add to this desk setup. Well today we are checking something out that will look pretty awesome on your desk, but you can even use it on a nightstand, coffee table or bookshelf. It is the WiZ Colors Hero Smart Lamp, which offers 16 million different colors, a very impressive app, and Google Home and Amazon Alexa support. Let’s take a look…

Special thanks to WiZ for providing their Colors Hero Smart Lamp to review.

wiz specs

The WiZ Colors Hero comes in a very nice retail package. On the front there is picture of the lamp and some of the main features are listed.

WiZ Colors Hero Smart Lamp

The back of the package is more or less an ad for WiZ, but on the sides you’ll find a list of features as well as a little preview of the WiZ Light app.

WiZ Colors Hero Smart Lamp WiZ Colors Hero Smart Lamp

Getting everything out of the box you’ll find the lamp as a “Welcome to WiZ World” envelope that has a getting started guide inside. One thing that I do want to point out is that the power adapter is physically attached to the lamp. It is pretty big actually, so you are going to want to keep that in mind.

WiZ Colors Hero Smart Lamp

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