HAVIT HV-KB395L Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Back in October of 2017, we looked at a mechanical gaming keyboard from a company that we hadn’t really heard of before, HAVIT. Now we are in the spring of 2018 and have in our possession another mechanical keyboard from HAVIT, this time with a bit of a twist. The HV-KB395L is a low-profile mechanical keyboard that utilizes Kalih PG1350 low-profile Blue switches, resulting in a height of just 22.5mm. Add in some RGB lighting and we think the HV-KB395L might just be a winner. Let’s see if our initial observations turn out to be accurate.

Special thanks to HAVIT for providing the HV-KB395L review sample!


Weight: 0.57 kg
Dimensions: 43.6cm x 12.6cm x 2.25cm
Anti-Ghosting: N Key Rollover
Backlit Customization: Yes
Cable Length: 1.5m
Detachable Cable: Yes
Exchangeable Keycaps: Yes
Switch Type: Mechanical, Kalih PG1350 Blue
Switch Travel: 3mm
Switch Operating Force: 45g
Materials: Aluminum, Plastic
Multimedia Functions: Win Key Lock
Number of Keys: 104
Programmable: Yes (With Software)


The HV-KB395L’s retail packaging consists of a nice black box containing the keyboard and accessories, surrounded by a white sleeve. The front of the exterior sleeve shows off a top-down view of the keyboard, while also listing a few features of the keyboard.

HV KB395L Box1 Large

Around back we see a list of specifications, as well as additional feature items. This side also shows off the HV-KB395L’s removable USB cable.

HV KB395L Box2 Large

With the interior box opened up, we see the keyboard is protected by an internal tray and plastic wrapping. There is nothing too flashy about the packaging that HAVIT uses here, but the overall execution is very good, and results in less waste than other packaging methods we have seen used in the past.

HV KB395L Box3 Large


Included with the HV-KB395L is a small user’s manual, a small feedback card, and the detachable Micro USB cable that is keyed to fit in the keyboard’s frame.

HV KB395L Acc1 Large HV KB395L Acc2 Large