WiZ Colors Hero Smart Lamp Review

Final Thoughts
So we see a lot of products like this coming out. “Smart Home” or “Connected Home” devices are everywhere now, but because there are so many out there it is hard to decipher which ones are actually good. I think to have a good Smart Home device, especially a light it has to have three major components. First it needs to be easy to setup, then it needs to have a great app, and finally it needs to look good. The WiZ Colors Hero has all three of those things covered!

So when it comes to setup it took me maybe 5-7 minutes tops to get the light on my network and working. The App makes it makes it very easy and walks you through everything step-by-step. Even a non-tech person can get the Colors Hero setup, as long as you know your WiFi password you are good!

Talking about the app itself it is one of the better apps I’ve seen for a smart device. It is quite easy to use and I really liked it that WiZ includes a large amount of predefined light presets, even some that change the color of the light over time. This provides a really cool effect and it is not like you are stuck with a static color all of the time. The app also makes it very easy to connect the light with Amazon Alex, Google Home, or even IFTTT. I connected the light to my Amazon Alexa without any issues at all. The only thing that was really missing in the app was the ability to create your own dynamic lighting presets.

While you mostly see smart bulbs (which WiZ also makes) this is a full lamp. It is all enclosed, requires no assembly, etc. With that it looks great. The simple modern design will work in pretty much any environment, whether it is going on your desk, nightstand, bookshelf, etc. The white dome perfectly diffuses the RGB bulb that sits under it and it just looks like it is the bulb itself.

The only other real issue I found with this smart lamp is that the power adapter box is pretty big. Since the power cable is physically attached to the lamp that makes it really hard to route the cabling. For example on my Autonomous SmartDesk 2 I was unable to route the cables through the pre-cut holes in the table because the power adapter box was too large.

Right now the WiZ Colors Hero Smart Lamp is selling on Amazon for $86.67, which is not overly-expensive, but I feel a better price would be $69.99. At the end of the day this lamp is going to look great wherever you plan on putting it and it has a really great app to back it up! Overall ThinkComputers gives the WiZ Colors Hero Smart Lamp a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Easy to setup
– Great app
– Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT
– Looks great
– Lots of predefined light settings in the app

– Cannot create dynamic lighting presets in the app
– Power cable physically attached to the lamp

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