LEPA Announces AquaCharger Line of AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

LEPA has just announced their AquaCharger all-in-one liquid CPU cooler series. LEPA will be launching two models to start the AquaCharger 120 and AquaCharger 240. As you can guess the main difference between the two is the length of the radiator. The 120 model supports +300W TDP and the 240 model supports +350W TDP.

LEPA AuqaChanger

There is a red LED design on the CPU block / pump that illuminates when you have the unit powered on. On the back side of water block, the protrusive cold plate not only strengthens the base sturdiness, but also deploys more coolant inside to eliminate CPU hot spot efficiently. Inside the cold plate, LEPA employs patented Central Diffusing Passage (CDP) technique on high density micro fins. This passage reallocates coolant flow efficiently and accelerates the +30% heat absorption from CPU.

LEPA AuqaChanger\

To provide leak-free and easy to handle tubes, AquaChanger selects the industrial grade 4-layer rubber tube. The outmost layer is German rubber tubing which provides thick protection of the tube. The next layer is German fiber mesh; it uses tight fibers to cover the tube and enhance the structure. The third layer is a high-density anti-leakage tube and the innermost layer is a DuPont nylon impermeable tube. The 4-layer structure makes the tube elastic and provides anti-leakage.

LEPA AuqaChanger

AquaChanger’s PWM fan features Dual-Convex blades. It provides an advanced aerodynamic design that boosts down-force and creates high-volume airflow. This allows the air to efficiently pass over the radiator and dissipate the heat from the coolant efficiently with enhanced thermal performance.

The AquaCharger will work with the latest AMD and Intel sockets. LEPA did not announce pricing or availability.

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