Lepa Announces the EXllusion 240 Liquid CPU Cooler

LEPA announces the EXllusion 240, the liquid CPU cooler with 400W TDP cooling capacity. It is equipped with the dual patented CDP (Central Diffusing Passage) cold plate, 240mm radiator, and Dual-Convex-Blades fans for the powerful yet silent cooling. EXllusion 240 also features coolant refillable design, and included red, blue, green dyes allow users to customize the preferred coolant color. This facilitates modders to customize the tone of their coolant to their wildest imagination.

Lepa EXllusion 240

Unlike conventional liquid coolers, LEPA’s R&D team created this predominantly semi-DIY liquid cooler that perfectly enhances both system performance and aesthetics. The EXllusion 240 includes red, blue, and green dyes which will give you the freedom to tone your coolant’s color and compliment the system that you’re building. The water block has a built-in power-on LED which enhances the illumination and brings additional color gradation.

Lepa EXllusion 240

Rapid CPU hot spot elimination by dual patented CDP cold plate
Annoying system lags caused by hot spots when the CPU is overclocked? LEPA EXllusion 240 makes hot spots disappear thanks to the water block’s dual patented CDP (Central Diffusing Passage) cold plate and extra large coolant deposit. LEPA’s R&D department employs a patented CDP cold plate, which allows the coolant to fully absorb the heat. The enlarge water block holds 350ml of coolant, which has double the volume than other typical close-loop liquid coolers. In addition, the chromed copper based cold plate is free from oxidation and offers durable & stable heat conduction performance.

400W TDP by Dual-Convex-Blades Fan & 240mm radiator
EXllusion 240 employs Dual-Convex-Blade Fans which boosts down-force air pressure and creates high-volume airflow. Therefore, the fans can efficiently move the heat from the radiator at lower speed. Furthermore, the 240mm radiator enhances the heat exchange surface and ensures the water block receives the cooled coolant, non-stop! All features makes EXllusion 240 to provide exceptionally 400W TDP cooling power, and gives overclocker a reliable cooling solution.

LEPA EXllusion 240 supports AMD and Intel desktop CPU sockets with durable metal brackets. The included accessory comes with a ready to use 500ml anti-freezing coolant for further refilling needs. The Semi-DIY LEPA EXllusion 240 is a perfect choice for those who seek quiet, high performance liquid cooler for their extreme system, with the option to make the coolant color to match that system.

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