LG Announces G Flex Curved Smartphone

LG’s new curved smartphone is making a lot of appearances in the news and has remained under the limelight for some quite some time now. People had been relying on the leaked information about this one but it’s finally a chance for us to get our hands on some beefy piece of information since LG has itself decided to unveil all the details regarding its often leaked curvy smart phone.

LG G Flex

Powered by the Snapdragon 800 processor, the G Flex is definitely designed to be a strong performer and is anticipated to be one. It comes loaded with 2 GB of RAM and an amazing 13-megapixel camera which displays astounding results. This camera has been placed between two rear control buttons and this placement is something which has been getting quite mainstream with LG so it’s really ‘LG’s thing’. It only weighs 177g with and has a curved shaped 6-inch OLED display.

LG G Flex

A lot of features on this one are similar to the G2 which was also by LG. Some of these include the high-fidelity audio recording and playback, the dual-window app functionality and tap-to-wake on the touch screen. Some special animations will catch you by surprise and these will depend upon how and where you unlock the phone. One of the most attractive features include the self healing coating which does not prevent but repair the hairline scratches.

If we compare with Samsung’s Galaxy Round, the screen on the G Flex arcs from top to bottom instead of from side to side. Though the formation of the latter one makes more sense yet there has been no revelation about how the two feel as details on this are yet to be released.

Source: LG | News Archive