LG Launches Two New Ultra-Wide LED Monitors

Looking for the highest quality displays which fall under the high end category? You just might be missing the two new ultra wide LED displays recently launched by LG Electronics. These newest creations from LG masterminds feature the “UltraWide” 21:9 aspect ratio and can readily be used for the professional work which often requires multi tasking. The displays are also fit for the gamers who are looking for the ultimate gaming experience.


Two new models have been launched namely EA73 and LN450W and they are coming out in this very month. Customers who are looking forward to buying any one of these must be excited to know that the newest displays by LG make use of the IPS (In-Plane switching) technology by LG. This technology paired with the ultimate resolution of 2560 x 1080 will deliver excellent results in display.


These displays by LG are not only targeted towards professionals and gamers who require the highest quality in display outputs as well as feature; these models are ideal for everyday tasks and will prove the best in watching moving, office work or any other routinely task. Moreover, the display is a pro at multi tasking with its ability to split the screen in four different sections. This can be done in eight different ratios which will be important in case some windows are of greater importance than others, thus making the device ideal for students and professionals who need to keep switching between different windows constantly.


The displays offer high ranks of connectivity with its Dual-Link Up feature which allows the display to be connected with two devices such as smartphones or cameras and these devices can then be displayed on the screen simultaneously.

The IPS 21:9 UltraWide series provide compatibility with the Mac and supports all necessary features of HDMI and HML. These displays will be on sale at any time now and will be priced at $599.99 for the EA73 and $649.99 for the LN450W.

Source: LG | News Archive