Lian Li Announces PC-Q33 Windowed Version

Lian Li has just announced a windowed version of its PC-Q33 Mini-ITX chassis, this case will be called the PC-Q33W. The case will feature the same flip-open design and space efficient hardware support as the original PC-Q33. The case will feature windows on both side so users can show off their hardware inside.

Lian Li PC-Q33W

The PC-Q33W gives users plenty of working space inside. The swing open top of front give users easy access to their components inside.

Lian Li PC-Q33W

Space Efficient Hardware Support
At 18L, the PC-Q33W takes advantage of every available space. The chassis supports CPU coolers up to 180mm (7.0″) in height and ATX power supplies up to 200mm in length. The latest powerful low-profile graphics cards up to 220mm (8.6″) easily fit inside the chassis. Up to three 2.5″ drives and two 3.5″ drives are supported.

Lian Li PC-Q33W

Water Cooling Support
The fully aluminum PC-Q33W supports 120mm radiators and AIO liquid cooling kits.

Price and Availability:
The PC-Q33W is available now in black (PC-Q33WB) and silver (PC-Q33WA) on Newegg for the suggested retail price of $124.99 USD.

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