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Lian Li PC-V352 mATX Case Review

Final Thoughts
Lian Li sure has packed a lot of things into this case.  For one it is one of the most elegant cube cases that I have seen.  I really like that the drive bays are on the side of the case rather than the front.  This means the front of your case looks clean whether it is sitting on your desk or is in your home theater.  Lian Li always does a great job at making their looks cases look stylish and the PC-V352 is no different.

Installation is made very easy with this case.  You have a removable motherboard, which always makes things easy.  Also both the hard drive cage and cage for the 5.25-inch bays can be removed for installation.  This case really have a modular feel as you remove the sections of the case, install your hardware and then put the sections back in the case.

There is quite a lot of cooling inside this case for its size.  You have the 2 120mm intake fans and the 80mm exhaust fan.  The exhaust fan has fan speed control, which is nice.  Also all of the fans have fan guards on them.  Those not only protect your fingers, but keep wires from getting stuck in the fans.  The ventilation holes are also in the perfect place to help with cooling.

There is a good amount of room inside this case, more than many other cube cases.  You can fit most large video cards in this case, up to 280mm in length.  The only real issues you might run in to is fitting a larger CPU cooler and a larger or modular power supply in the case.  The case does feel much more spacious than other cube cases that I’ve reviewed.

The big issue I have with this case and the Lian Li PC-Q08 which we recently reviewed is that you need to remove the 6 small screws to get each side panel off.  I know this did this to make the case more spacious and to make the panels look flush with the side of the case, but it really is a pain to have to take all 6 screws out change something then put those same 6 screws back in to close your case.

Right now the PC-V352 sells for $109 at my favorite online retailer.  Considering all the features this really is a good price.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Lian Li PC-V352 mATX Case a 9 out of 10 score.

– Elegant and stylish design
– USB 3.0 and card reader
– Great cooling
– Easy installation

– Need to remove 6 screws to get the side panel off
– Not a lot of room for large CPU coolers

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