Zalman S-Series 128GB Solid State Drive Review

Solid state drives are the future, faster speeds, no moving parts and they are smaller.  The only thing really holding them back right now is their price.  Most solid state drives we have seen have been from traditional memory and storage companies.  We all know Zalman for making great CPU coolers and cases, so it is a bit weird we see them release a solid state drive.  They actually have 2 right now, today we will be looking at the S-Series 128GB drive, which is based on the JMicron controller so it is the mainstream budget drive out of the 2 that they have released.  Let’s take a look…

Special thanks to Zalman for providing us with the S-Series 128GB Solid State drive to review.

– Optimized for AHCI Mode
– Support Win7 Trim Command
– JMICRON Technology
– Ultra fast start-up and access speed
– Reliable
– Silent and low power operation


Disk Capacity SSD0128S1
Size 128GB
Sequential Read Up to 260MB/S
Write Performance Up to 210MB/S
Controller JMicron
NAND Flash MLC Intel
MTBF 1,000,000.00 hours
Voltage DC 5.0V _ 5%
ECC Function 16 Bit / 512 Byte
Endurance 10,000 Program/Erase Cycles
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 70°C
ROHS Compliant
Shock Resistance and Anti-Vibration
Dual Interface with SATA II & Mini-USB 2.0
128MB DDR2 Cache Buffer

The S-Series solid state drive comes in a typical SSD packaging.  On the front there is a large S-Series logo.  On the back there is some information about the drive.

Zalman S-Series 128GB Solid State Drive Zalman S-Series 128GB Solid State Drive

Opening up the package and getting everything out you have the S-Series solid state drive, USB cable, and a quick install guide.

Zalman S-Series 128GB Solid State Drive

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