Lian Li Shows Off Height-Adjustable Desk Case at CES 2016

Lian Li made headlines a few years ago when they first announced their desk cases. These desk cases allow you to build a pretty badass system inside a very functional and quality-made desk. The newest addition to the desk series is the DK-04 and its biggest features is that it is height-adjustable!

The DK-04 is a fully motorized height-adjustable desk case. It it made of the same glass and aluminum as the previous Lian Li desk cases so it has that amazing quality. The height-adjustment is controlled by a small controller that is on the left part of the desk. It allows you to go up and down, have four different height presets, there is a stop button, and it lets you know how high the desk is.



On the inside you have room for a full computer system. There is room enough inside for full ATX motherboards and power supplies, graphics cards up to 320 mm in length, CPU coolers up to 120 mm in height, and 8 hard drives. For cooling in the front you have room for watercooling radiators up to 480 mm, and dual 240 mm radiators in the back. Building your system will be very easy as there is a tray that comes out that houses all of your components, minus your hard drives which have their own removable cages. The glass top of the case easily comes off as well. On the inside you also have RGB accent lighting that will allow you give a nice glow to your system inside.


On the front part of the case there are three dials that allow you to fine-tune the RGB lighting. There is also a single 5.25-inch drive bay, four USB 3.0 ports, headphone and micrphone ports, a large power button, reset button, hard drive activity LED, and a power LED.


Now there is no word yet on pricing or availability, but you can expect this desk case to hold quite the premium over the current Lian Li desk cases. I do have to say this is one of my favorite products showcased at CES 2016!


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