Lian Li Updates DK-05 and DK-04 Desk Cases with Electrochromic Glass

Lian Li has updated their DK-05 and DK-05 desk cases releasing new versions as the DK-05F and DK-04F. These new desk cases come with electrochromic glass tops. This type of glass allows the user to adjust the transparency and clarity of the panel. You typically see this type of technology in auto-dimming rear-view mirrors and privacy glass in offices. On the DK-series desk cases you are able to adjust the opacity of the panel. With the ability to add ARGB strips inside the chassis the glass top will actually act as a pretty cool translucent diffuser.

lian li desks 2

Right above your front I/O ports on each desk you’ll find a controller that will allow you to adjust the opacity of the top panel.

lian li desks 3

Another change to these desk cases is a new detachable motherboard tray design. This tray now separates from the inner chassis so it only holds your motherboard and expansion cards. Previously you would also pull out your PSU with the inner tray.

lian li desks 4

Besides those changes the desk cases are pretty much the same as the originals, the DK-05F is designed for dual-system builds, while the DK-04F is designed for single-system builds. You can see a video from Lian Li below…

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