Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Lian Li Will Offer Raw Copper Liquid Cooling Kit

Lian Li has something very interesting at Computex this year. It was a all-in-one liquid cooling solution, but not just any all-in-one cooler, one with a raw copper radiator. Lian Li will actually be rebranding this liquid cooling solution from Cinsys.

The cooler will feature a 240 mm radiator with embedded pump (which makes the CPU block thinner), a nickel-plated copper water block, and thick tubing. As you can see the radiator remains raw copper, it is not plated or anything. Guru3D points out that over time the copper will age and slowly discolor itself.

Lian Li is expected to announce an entire series of coolers based on this design, so we could see larger models like a 360 mm version come out.

Bob Buskirk
the authorBob Buskirk
About 10 years of computer experience. Been messing around with electronics since I was 5, got into computers when I was in highschool, been modding them ever since then. Very interested in how things work and their design.
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