LiFi Uses Light To Transmit Data at 224Gbps!

Just when we thought WiFi was getting faster and faster a new technology has emerged called LiFi which uses LED light to transmit data. It is going to offer real-world speeds of 1Gbps, which is 100 times the speed of traditional WiFi.

We are already consuming so much data with streaming services and with 4K resolution soon to become standard over the next few years we are going to need a faster and more efficient way to transfer data. To solve that problem comes LiFi, which is a light-based technology that was able to hit 224Gbps in a lab environment.

Since LiFi uses light to transmit data, everyday LED bulbs can actually be turned into portable hotspots. The LiFi bulbs use modular pulses of light that flicker in nanoseconds to transmit data. With LiFi you could have a very efficient and fast WiFi hotspot in every room of your house, that is definitely something to look forward to.

While LiFi is pretty revolutionary it does have a few downfalls, one of the biggest is that it cannot penetrate walls like WiFi can. Although this can be seen as a strength as it would make it much more secure.

Check out the TED Talk on LiFi by its creator Harald Haas below.

Source: TweakTown | News Archive

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