Lingo Bingo Calls The Internet’s Biggest Clickbaiters


Take a look at the image above. Which Taco Bell Menu Item Speaks To You On A Spiritual Level? It’s probably a question you’ve never really thought about. Nor have we. Maybe it’s the Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos? Maybe the Beefy Fritos Burrito? Or simply the Nachos Supreme? Then we realised something, we don’t really care.

An item from a chain restaurant producing cheap Mexican food speaks to nobody on a spiritual level and we’ve just wasted five minutes of our lives figuring that out. We move down and we discover 27 times Taylor Swift failed so hard she almost won. It was so adorably awkward according to Buzzfeed. Apparently.

It’s not. It’s just another clickbaity headline to get us. To lure us in to Taylor Swift images or pictures of tacos. And to be quite frank, we’re getting a little bit fed up of it.

But it turns out we aren’t the only ones. The Lingo Bingo generator which has recently emerged takes a huge swipe at the likes of Buzzfeed and Reddit, producing made up headlines which would no doubt sit proudly on their sites, fitting in almost seamlessly.


The generator has dozens of pre-made headlines, including ‘92 Times Your Nan Got Sunday Dinner Wrong’, ‘How Much Of A Horse Are You?’, and ‘How To Pick Your Nose Like A Pro’, which of course all Buzzfeed readers would clearly love to know.

On top of that, users can also create their own headlines to share with friends via social media, making your own fun of the over-the-top headlines which dominate our news feeds.

Put together by Ladbrokes Bingo, it’s a very cheeky app and even teases the world of film, picking up on what the rest of the world too has noticed – you cannot move for Minions nowadays!

Hollywood is milking franchises for everything they’re worth right now and the recent Minions movie on the back of Despicable Me only proves that. Something With The Minions is the next blockbuster to hit our screens, at least according to Lingo Bingo anyway. Although it’s likely that will give Universal Pictures another idea.

It’s a pot shot at the predictability of the internet and the media today, and we aren’t going to lie, we think they have a point.

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