Linksys WRT150N-RM Wireless-N Router Review

Final Thoughts
Remember that the Linksys WRT150N-RM is simply the refurbished SKU of the WRT150N. It’s identical in every fashion except packaging and age. Someone else simply used it before, and Linksys saw fit to fix any problems it had, if any at all (refurbished units may have even simply been returned opened but never used), and return it to market.

There’s a 90 day limited warranty in effect, but Linksys routers are generally pretty solid. I own several and nary a one has passed on.

However, there’s really nothing that sets apart the WRT150N from other N routers. It’s Linksys’s standard 802.11n offering. It’s a good choice for the WRT54G crowd who want a simple wireless router. Fortunately, the enthusiasts out there have an excellent firmware replacement choice in DD-WRT, which supports the WRT150N (

ThinkComputers gives the Linksys WRT150N-RM Wireless-N Router a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Price (~$45 street at time of writing)
– 802.11n compatibility

– Nothing spectacular

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