Liquid-Cooled Dual Vega Graphics Card Coming From ASUS

It has been reported that ASUS is currently in development of a liquid-cooled dual GPU Radeon RX Vega graphics card. This card should be very limited edition and could hits shelves a little later this year.

asus ares

A couple weeks ago AMD gave the greenlight to AIB partners to design custom graphics cards based on the company’s brand new Vega 10 GPUs. If the reports are two ASUS is taking two of these chips and putting them on a single graphics board. It will have over 50 teraflops of FP16 compute, 25 teraflops of FP32 compute and a TDP close to 600W. With all of that power under a single hood the card will require liquid cooling.

ASUS will only make a limited number of these graphics card and we can assume they will be quite expensive. The card will be more of a statement of what ASUS is capable of rather than a mass-produced product. The card sort of reminds us of the ARES II (pictured above), which was a dual HD 7970 card, was the fastest in the world when released, and was the first ever to use liquid cooling.

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