Lisa Su Rumored To Be Leaving AMD

According to the latest rumors AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su is reportedly looking at leaving AMD and joining IBM. This information comes from sources cited by Usman Pirzada from Wccftech: “Lisa Su is eyeing the #2 position at IBM with the eventual goal to end up as CEO and President of IBM, replacing Ginni Rometty. The advanced groundwork for this transition has apparently already been laid down as you will read further in this article. While I do not know the exact reasons for why Lisa would choose IBM of all companies to move to, I am told that this is something that she has wanted for a very long time”.

lisa su amd 2

AMD will be annoucning their new EPYC Rome CPUs tomorrow and according to Pirzada, Dr. Lisa Su will leave the company after Rome launches in the fall. It is suggested that ex-Synaptics CEO Rick Bergman who recently joined AMD as head of the PC and semi-custom business could replace Su when she leaves.

Dr Lisa Su actually completely denied the rumor, but WCCFTech says they stand by their reporting.

Via WCCFTech

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