Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset Review

Final Thoughts
At the end of the day Logitech set out to create a gaming headset that covered all of the basis for a great headset and I think they’ve come very close with the G633 Artemis Spectrum. I think it really shows that Logitech has taken their time to put out a product that gamers will really enjoy and has features that gamers want.

First let’s talk about the sound. This headset is definitely geared towards gaming for sure. It sounds best when gaming and that is to be expected. The Dolby Surround Sound and the DTS HeadphoneX are really a treat if you are using to the typical analog headsets. They really elevate the sound in any game and in many cases make you feel like you are there. At the same time the headset is not all that bad for listening to music or watching movies, although there are better headsets out there for that. The microphone works quite well and I really like that it auto-mutes itself when you slide it up. The ability to connect two different audio sources to the headset is another plus, this means you can switch between gaming and say taking a call on your mobile device.

While the headset is very comfortable it left a little to be desired after long hours of use. As I mentioned during long gaming sessions I kept finding myself adjusting the headband as it started to hurt the top of my head.

The fact that the controls are on the headset itself are something to get used to if you’ve never had a headset like this before. After just a few days you’ll be easily adjusting the volume directly on the headset. The 3 programmable G keys give you even more as you can set them to do pretty much anything, even commands in games!

Finally we have the lights! On each earcup you have a light strip and G logo that lights up. The light strips are very Tron like and look very cool! The LEDs are RGB so you can pick pretty much any color you want. You can cycle colors, have a breathing effect, change the brightness and more! You can also turn off the light strips and G logos independently. It seems that if its a gaming device it needs to have lights these days and Logitech has got that covered here.

Right now the G633 is selling at our favorite online retailer for $149.99. In my opinion the G633 is a very strong entry into the headset market, but does have some downfalls. If you are looking for a new gaming headset the G633 is an excellent choice when it comes to functionality, sound, and looks. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Great sound for gaming
– Retractable Microphone that auto-mutes
– RGB lighting
– Controls on the headset itself
– Can take two different audio inputs
– Really good software

– Not as comfortable as I would have liked

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