LUXA2 GroovyA Bluetooth Speaker Review

Setup & Usage
Getting the GroovyA setup is pretty easy. First you want to make sure the speaker is charged up. Just plug in the included microUSB cable to any charger or even your PC to start charging. The indication LED on the top will be red when the speaker is charging and turn to green when the speaker is fully charged. After you have the speaker charged up flip the switch on the back to power it on. Once on, long press the Bluetooth button to get the speaker into pairing mode. Then on your device go into the Bluetooth settings and you should see “LUXA2 GROOVY A”, select it and it should pair. Once paired you are ready to listen to music.

LUXA2 GroovyA Bluetooth Speaker

I listened to all types of music on the GroovyA and it all sounded great. The GroovyA is more than loud enough to fill a small room and actually has a good amount of bass as well. Being able to angle the speaker up did allow you to better hear the music better as you and angling it in your direction. While the stand is made to angle the speaker I also think that it stabilizes it. I believe if the speaker was not in the stand the bass would actually cause the speaker to move around.

The speaker also has a speakerphone mode with included microphone. While I don’t see anyone really using this feature, it did work as advertised. Although, I did have to be pretty close to the speaker for it to pick up my voice correctly.

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