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LUXA2 Cigar Clip Universal Car Charger Mount Holder
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LUXA2 Cigar Clip Universal Car Charger Mount Holder Review

Smartphone car mounts are great unless your phone is dying, then you end up trying to either stretch a wire across your dashboard, or forget the mount and just charge your phone. LUXA2 realized this is a common problem and invented Cigar Clip - a mount and charger in a simple form factor. Featuring the same awesome mount as LUXA2’s Smart Clip, plus a built-in 2A charger, Cigar Clip is positioned to be a useful device.

LUXA2 Smart Clip & Tab Clip
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LUXA2 Smart Clip & Tab Clip Review

LUXA2’s Smart Clip and Tab Clip perform similar functions but for different devices. Smart Clip holds 3.5” - 6” mobile phones, while Tab Clip holds tablets 6” - 10”. Each feature a powerful suction cup, full 360 degree swivel and rotation, and non-slip rubber grip for extra stability. Let's see what the Smart Clip and Tab Clip are all about!

LUXA2 GroovyA Bluetooth Speaker

LUXA2 GroovyA Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bluetooth speakers are great! They make it extremely easy to add sound to any room and at a very low cost too. LUXA2 has sent us one over of their latest Bluetooth speakers, which is the GroovyA. This Bluetooth speaker features a sleek brushed aluminum design, 7W of total audio output, up to 15 hours of playtime, a speakerphone function with microphone, and a cool stand that it sits in that allows you to angle the speaker for a better listening experience. Is this the right Bluetooth speaker for you? Read on as we take a look…

LUXA2 Lavi L Bluetooth Headphones

LUXA2 Lavi L Bluetooth Headphones Review

LUXA2’s Lavi headphone series is made up of the Lavi S, Lavi D, and Lavi L. We have already taken a look at the high-end Lavi S and the mid-range Lavi D, and now it is time to take a look at the entry level Lavi L. LUXA2’s tagline for this headset is “Wireless Music on the Go” and you can tell by the design that is what it is made for. Being the smallest headset in the Lavi series the Lavi L has a lay-flat and folding design that makes them easy to travel with, powerful 40mm drivers, controls on the earcups and more. Read on as we take a look…

LUXA2 Lavi D Bluetooth Headphones

LUXA2 Lavi D Bluetooth Headphones Review

Bluetooth headphones are great, they eliminate the annoying wires of traditional headphones and work with any Bluetooth device. This makes them extremely versatile and you don’t need to have your Bluetooth device on you at all times. This means you can have your device charging in the other room and still be able to listen to music etc. Not that long ago we took a look at LUXA2’s Lavi S Bluetooth headphones, they were a sort of mix between a set of headphone and a Bluetooth speaker. Well LUXA2 has sent us their Lavi D, which is purely a pair of Bluetooth headphones. LUXA2 tells us these headphones are made for listening to music and have state-of-the-art 40 mm drivers to bring you the best sound possible. Are these the Bluetooth headphones for you? Read on as we find out!

LUXA2 Lavi-S Bluetooth Headphones

LUXA2 Lavi-S Bluetooth Headphones Review

LUXA2 has slowly been growing on customers as they have been coming out with some really great mobile products and accessories. Today we have one of their latest products, the Lavi-S, which is a Bluetooth headset that not only sounds great but has a feature you just will not find on other headsets. First off the headset features 40 mm drivers that will give you a balanced range of bass, midrange and treble tones. The really interesting thing about this headset is that it has three different play modes. So you have Bluetooth and wired (aux in) playback, which is typical on most Bluetooth headsets, but with the Lavi-S you also have external speakers on the earcups. This allows you to share the music you are listening to with your friends and the people around you. Will this 2-in-1 device replace the need for a separate Bluetooth headset and speaker? Read on as we find out.

LUXA2 Aluminium MFi Lightning USB Charge / Sync Cable
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LUXA2 Aluminium MFi Lightning USB Charge / Sync Cable Review

If you own an Apple mobile device you know one thing that you always have to replace is the included USB charging / sync cable. It seems that after just a few months they break or rip, they are definitely not made to last a long time. We know LUXA2 for some great mobile products and they have put their own spin on the Lightning cable with the Aluminium MFi Lightning USB Charge / Sync Cable. With this one last? Read on as we find out...


LUXA2 E-One Aluminum Headset Holder Review

LUXA2's products range from mobile device car mounts to headphones and Bluetooth speakers. If wondering when Luxa 2 is going to release a diamond cut, all aluminum headset holder, then wonder no longer, E-One is here! E-One is an elegant headset holder that can stand out in any environment to showcase your headset of choice. Not to mention, it’s sturdy, a slim profile makes it easy to place anywhere on your desk. Check out the full review to see the potential benefits of E-One!

LUXA2 GroovyR 360° Micro Wireless Wall Mount Speaker

LUXA2 GroovyR 360° Micro Wireless Wall Mount Speaker Review

LUXA2 has been releasing quality accessories at an accelerated pace. GroovyR is their latest Bluetooth speaker, but there’s a twist. Instead of being rectangular shaped like most Bluetooth speakers, GroovyR is a circle with a kick out stand that can hold your mobile phone, or allow GroovyR to be wall mounted. In addition to its unique appearance, it has a built-in microphone, 3.5mm input, and rechargeable battery. Let’s get dirty into the details.

LUXA2 Elite iPhone 6 Leather Stand Case
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First Look at the iPhone 6 and Possible iPhone 6 Air

With only four days left until Apple's official announcement the internet is littered with iPhone 6 rumors. Interestingly enough I received an e-mail today from a company that makes mobile accessories. They were announcing their new products for the iPhone 6 and the press shots have actual photos of the phone itself in the accessories! These would be the first legitimate photos of Apple's upcoming iPhone 6.

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