Mach Xtreme Technology Unveils Postage Stamp Sized SSD

With a lot of players in the market it’s rather difficult to maintain a top position and talking about the market of PC components, there are certainly a lot of names in action. Despite of tough competition, Mach Xtreme Technology Inc has managed to get its position secured at a top leading place with its high performance, high reliability and user-friendly designed products. It has only recently introduced the DIY Series SATA2 SSD which is a tiny MX-DIY disk-on-module and implements an advanced design with robust performance and energy efficiency.


This new DIY Series SSD is going to form part of the MX Technology lineup which constitutes innovative designs of SSDs. Having this disk can provide the users with the latest storage technology experience and it surely provides a benchmark for compact sized boot drives. The small form factor of the series, which is hardly the size of a standard postage stamp, provides flexible storage options; it is10 times smaller than a standard 2.5″ SSD and also weighs ten times less. There are two versions available for the series; one is horizontal and the other one is vertical.

Operating-system booting, data logging, application hosting, caching, and fast data backup are all the storage apps which can very easily be tackled by the disk-on-modules. Being compliant with the AHCI standard, it becomes the fairly easy plug and play solution which does not even require any drivers. Apart from this, there is also no need for a SATA signal cable. The MX-DIY drive can help users reach a read and write speed of up to 220MB/s read and 80MB/s write and there are plenty of options for the users as the drive is available in varying capacities of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

Source: Mach Xtreme | News Archive