Make Security Simple with a VPN Router

Keeping yourself safe online is a tough job. But somebody’s got to do it, and most likely that somebody right now is… you. Even if it isn’t, it’s still good to know the best ways to stay secure in a simple way, so at least you can tell everyone about it and gloat at your unrivaled knowledge. Virtual private networks (VPNs) offer a practical, easy way to keep yourself safe online, and when you go down the router route, it’s even better.

The dangers lurking online

Despite most of the world using the internet, it’s still not always the safest place. Just like in real life, there are dangers always lurking around the corner, though in the guise of cybercriminals and sophisticated hackers who are trying to get your personal details. You can take measures yourself, such as installing anti-virus software and being aware of the websites you visit. However, with so many people going onto streaming sites or clicking on a clickbait article or popup, there’s still the chance you could be compromised.  One of the key pieces of technology we’ve seen that can help with that is a VPN.

The helping hand of a VPN

A VPN is like your own personal bodyguard when you’re going online. It helps by hiding your IP address, which is your virtual location and the initial starting point of internet connectivity when you go online. With a VPN in place, your bodyguard will virtually hide your location and instead present one from somewhere else, so you could be logging in from a completely different country. That way, hackers won’t be able to trace your original IP address; they’ll only see the one presented by the VPN. And as VPNs tend to come with military-grade encryption security, you can be confident that all your details are kept completely safe.

VPNs also boast a range of other benefits, such as helping you to get around geo-restricted content. You can select a server from a different country and access content you couldn’t before, and if you’re streaming or downloading, you can do it without your internet service provider keeping tabs on you. They also won’t be able to restrict your broadband speeds as they won’t know the source of your internet connectivity.

But what if this could be done even simpler and on a bigger scale? Yes, even easier than just downloading onto one device.

The benefits of a VPN router

Why download a VPN for each device that you use? The time and effort spend installing it, maintaining it can be done away with when you go straight to the source—the router. Just take a look at the security of a VPN on a router, and you’ll find that it plays an essential role when it comes to protecting your home or office. All you need to do is install it in one quick and easy setup, and all the same great benefits of the VPN can be enjoyed on all your devices that are connected to your router. You don’t need any additional software or complicated installation, simply plug in and hit play.

A VPN router works precisely the same as an individual router, but on a larger scale. All the internet traffic that comes through the router goes through the VPN and on to your connected devices. This is particularly useful in the household as you can protect all your devices, from your computer to your iPhone to any consoles that are being used, such as an Xbox, PC, or even a Smart TV. It’s especially good if you and the family want to access films on Amazon Prime or online that you can’t do due to geo-restrictions. If your Smart TV is connected via the router, you can just turn it on, go to the app and enjoy a load more content. You can keep yourself and your family safe every time you go online.

It’s also good if you work in a small business too. Rather than having to install individual VPNs and payout for them as well, you can just get it all done with a VPN router. That way, everyone in the office will be protected from any prying eyes and it’ll also help the company ensure they don’t end up with an IT network mess.

VPN routers are easy to install. Just like any other router, really, you plug it in, follow the installation instructions, and then you’re online. Though this time, you and everyone else in the building will be online with all the added security benefits that a VPN brings.