Massive Cryptocurrency Mining Farm Powered By NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Gaming Laptops Spotted in China

Last week a report was released stating how crypto miners have started using RTX 30 graphic cards based laptops for mining. It looks like miners are really enthusiastic about the laptops as a video is making rounds showing hundreds of RTX 30-based laptops being used for mining.


The latest video shows the complete setup in detail. It can be observed that the farm utilizes laptops from Chinese manufacturers, Hasse, and the farm is located in China.

The GeForce RTX 3060 powers the Hasse laptop. As per NVIDIA, the RTX 3060 based laptops are priced at $999, and bulk purchase can get you a discount, but miners end up paying $600 above the official price. Mobile cards have a lower TGP allowing them to reduce electric consumption and offer higher cryptocurrency mining rates.


One interesting fact is that the user has bought these laptops in bulk, which means that someone in the supply chain is supporting these miners. The seller might be selling it at prices higher than the MSRP.

This is pretty bad as there are many people who are waiting to get their hands on the latest RTX 30 based laptops. It is expected that NVIDIA will take some action, but we will have to wait for it, and considering the size of the mining operation, it is difficult to do so.

On the other hand, manufacturers are releasing dedicated hardware that supports crypto mining. EVGA will soon release the 1300 M1 PSU that comes with an 80 PLUS Gold certification and 1300W power rating. The PSU is based on a modular design and the ATX form factor. The PSU offers a 4+4 plug for the CPU, has two 6-pin plugs for peripherals, and two SATA ports for the storage device. The PSU with the aim to power multiple cards in a single set up will come with a seven-year warranty.


The 1300 M1 can be purchased from Newegg for $249.99. The PSU is only listed on EVGA’s Chinese and Japanese pages.

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