Massive Video Game Collection on eBay for $164,000

A new listing has appeared on eBay for one of the largest video game collections I have ever seen! eBay user has posted the auction that includes over 5700 games (basically everything Nintendo has come out with between 1985 – 2000) and 50 systems including every Nintendo 64 variant.


The seller is not looking to break up the auction and is asking $164,000 for the entire lot. Right now there are no offers, but there are over 5000 people watching the auction and there have been 43 inquiries. You can view the full listing of games and systems here.

The seller states that, “All games are in used condition. All show some signs of wear. Condition varies, some games may have stickers or marker on them or slight tears in the label or cracks in cases. Many games are excellent to mint condition with a very small few being factory sealed. Overall average condition for games is “good”. I’ve always replaced lesser quality titles with higher quality titles as I received them. So you are getting my master set. I’ve always been picky with titles and tried not to pick up many with less than good labels, although there is a small amount.”


While the collection is mostly retro games and systems it also features newer systems like Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U, and 3DS. It even includes less-popular systems like the Nintendo Virtual Boy and Sega’s Dreamcast.

This is the ultimate collection for the Nintendo fan that is for sure! Would you splurge $164,000 on it?

Source: Gamespot | News Archive

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