mean:it 5PM Tempered Glass Case Review

Final Thoughts
For a company we’ve never heard of before we are very impressed with one of their first offerings. It is a very strong first offering too, while tempered glass is the “in” thing right now not many cases off three tempered glass panels. On top of that the panels on the 5PM are 5 mm thick. Most cases out there will have 3 mm or 4 mm thick panels. So just that makes that case very unique in its own right.

Nothing compliments tempered glass better than LEDs and mean:it has outfitted this case with four LED fans, which look pretty awesome when you have your system powered on. Currently mean:it is offering this case with two variations of blue or red LED fans, but I would think an RGB version is in the works. Having four included fans in any case is great and there is even room in the case to add more. On top of that there is a 6-fan fan controller pre-installed inside the case as well. So all of the fans are connected and ready to go right off the bat.

Even though this is a mid-tower it supports E-ATX motherboards, which is nice. You also have room inside for five hard drives, very tall CPU coolers (175 mm), long graphics cards (435 mm) as well as long power supplies. You can really load this case out with awesome hardware.

I did run into some issues during installation. The first thing was that the CPU cutout in the motherboard tray was not big enough for me to install a CPU cooler backplate on my motherboard once the motherboard was in. So I had to take it out and install my backplate first. This could be a real pain if someone upgrades their cooling solution and has to remove their entire motherboard to install it. The cable cover that helps you hide some of your cable is nice, but it is plastic. It would have been better if it was metal, it would go with the case a lot better.

One thing that is common about with many of these tempered glass cases is that they are pretty dark inside. That is the case here as well. Even with the four LED fans the inside of the case is pretty dark. It would have been nice if there was a LED strip included, especially if you planned on showing off your hardware.

With all of that said I still do really like this case. With its three thick tempered glass side panels, four included LED fans, and fan controller the case is only $119.99. That is a price you really can’t argue with. Overall ThinkComputers gives the mean:it 5PM Tempered Glass Case an 8 out 10 score.

– Three 5 mm thick tempered glass panels
– Four LED fans included
– 6 fan controller included
– Lots of room inside
– Supports E-ATX motherboards
– Price

– CPU cutout is too small
– Cable cover is plastic
– No front fan filter

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