Memory Chip Shortage to Last Until 2015

For years and years the DRAM (dynamic random access memory) market was affected by acute oversupply, it was so acute that the price were dropping and dropping like never before. We know from the sources that the main manufacturers of DRAM chips have been trying to cut down on their supply capacity which eventually reached to a balance between supply and demand. Unfortunately now a time has come when the balanced state is finished too and we can majorly note the undersupply, yes! There is a big time shortage of DRAM chips. In fact according to some companies the DRAM shortage will continue at least for the next three years.


It is highly expected that the change in consumer behavior, from driving to PCs to mobile devices may aid in an increase in the demand which will directly allow the global DRAM market to re-grow. It was also observed that the chipmakers have adapted a cautious strategy to supply expansion and it’s highly unlikely that it will increase over the next two years.

As predicted by one of the president of a technology company that DRAM chips shortage will increase to 5% in the year 2014 and further to 7% in the year 2015.

Source: DigiTimes | News Archive