MicroCenter Handling Miners With Insane Prices on 3 or More Graphics Cards

Miners gobbling up graphics cards has been a pretty big issue for the graphics card industry. Available stocks of cards sell out quickly and many gamers are forced to by cards off eBay or Forums for much, much more than the retail price. This has been happening for months now and has negatively effected AMD’s Vega launch. Well MicroCenter is dealing with miners in their own way. If you plan to buy three or more graphics cards from them expect to pay a hefty premium on them.

Screenshot 7

Looking at their listing for a PowerColor Radeon RX-580 Red Devil 8GB if you want to buy 1 card it will cost you $349, if you want to buy 2 card they will be $349 each, but if you want to buy 3+ they will be $10,000 each! Honestly we love that MicroCenter is doing this. It helps get graphics cards in the hands of actual gamers, not miners.

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