Micron To Commence Mass Production of GDDR5X Memory This Summer

Micron has just released an update on the status of GDDR5X production. The company has received their first samples back from the fabrication plant earlier than expect. These samples are 100% operational with data rates passing 13 Gbps.


Micron is still working on the GDDR5X production line, but has stated that GDDR5X will go into full production in the summer of this year.

Micron is currently ramping GDDR5X to mass production, and will be announcing sample dates later this spring. We plan to be in full volume production this summer. I also hope to give you an update later this year on performance specifications.

For those who are wondering the difference between GDDR5 and GDDR5X well GDDR5 has an 8 Gbps data rate while the early samples of GDDR5X have a data rate of 13 Gbps and Micron is looking to get that up to 14 Gbps. GDDR5X does not consumer more power than GDDR5 either.

With GDDR5X being less expensive than the newer HBM2 memory we should see it used in quite a lot of upcoming graphics cards.

Source: Micron | News Archive

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