Microsoft Acquires Gears of War from EPIC Games

Microsoft recently announced that they have acquired the rights to the Gear of War franchise from EPIC Games. Microsoft now has ownership of everything Gears of War, “including rights to all existing and future games, entertainment experiences and merchandise.”

Gears of War

The first Gears of War came out in 2006 and was developed by EPIC Games and published by Microsoft. Now that Microsoft has the sole rights to the franchise they are more or less cutting out the middle man. Microsoft will be developing the next game in the franchise with their own studio, Black Tusk.

It is quite interesting that Rod Fergusson, who was once the Director of Production at Epic Games, and also the Executive VP of Development Irrational Games, is now on board with Black Tusk Studios as Studio Manager. His Twitter states that he is working on the new Gears of War game.

For those who thought they might see a Gears of War game on another console, with the purchase by Microsoft don’t expect that to happen. Will Black Tusk be able to bring the Gears of War franchise back to life? Only time will tell.

Source: DownRightUpLeft | News Archive

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