Microsoft to Update Activation System on Windows 9

In a bid to stem piracy, Microsoft is expected to introduce a new activation system with its next major release of Windows. BetaNews, citing a Russian source who has a good track record with Microsoft, says that Microsoft will do away with software keys.


The next version of Windows will use a system in which you will need a Microsoft Store account, which is not the same as a Microsoft account. The way the system will work is that after paying for a license while logged into the Microsoft store, you will be made to download and generic install disc image. After the installation your machine’s details are logged with Microsoft and the software stays activated on your machine.

When you need to install your OS on another machine, you will need to untie your current machine from your license online. One you have the software will stop working on the older machine. This concept should be able to be adapted to 3-user and 5-user family licenses.

Source: BetaNews | News Archive

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