Microsoft’s Modern Standby Feature Is Coming to Windows 10X

Usually, when you step away from your PC, it either goes into sleep mode or just turns off. Once you want to get back, it takes a long time for a computer to recover and continue from where you left it. To solve this, Microsoft introduced the Modern Standby feature.

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The feature allows every Windows 10 based device to stay connected to the network and perform background tasks while they are in an idle state. The new feature will also launch with Windows 10X to improve the laptop Windows experience.

The Windows 10X OS is based on the Windows 10 core but aims to provide a simple and straightforward user experience, so we can expect that Windows 10X will also receive the same treatment as Windows 10. The update of the document below proves that Windows 10X is receiving new features.

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The WindowLatest explains:

“On Windows 10X devices, modern standby experience could be similar to the way phones work.”

This means that your PC will still get notifications even if it is in a sleep state. This feature will be incredibly useful if Microsoft launches Windows 10X for Surface Duo laptops.

We will have to wait to see what Microsoft plans to do with the Standby and other Windows 10 features. Currently, modern standby documentation is the only place where Windows 10X is stated.