Mirror Websites: Why Are They Useful for Gamblers?

Most gamblers have heard about the so-called “casino mirrors.” But not everyone knows why they are needed. The reason for their mass emergence is that many countries ban online casinos. Blocking is used as a restriction measure of dealing with virtual gambling establishments. Therefore, those players who got used to some gambling platforms and don’t want to change or leave them forever use mirror websites. More about the topic — read below.

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What to Do If the Website Is Blocked in Your Area?

Many European gambling establishments do nothing if blocked. Players can merely choose another platform from the best casino sites like those reviewed by www.casinorating.com. But, if there is some money in the account balance, you probably do not want to lose it. In this case, you can try to enter the casino by using a proxy server or VPN. However, recently, many gambling establishments have installed web protection against such visits.

Many gambling establishments do not leave their players alone with the problem. They create copies of the sites (mirrors) at the new web addresses and notify clients about this via emails. It is not uncommon for a casino to have several working copies. By the way, mirrors are also used in case of technical failures on the main resource and when the server is overloaded.

Depending on how many users are registered on the portal and how many gamblers visit it every day, a virtual casino can have more than one mirror site. For example, some large platforms have up to 6 mirrors with the same slots and features as the major site. It is essential that in case of technical problems on the main portal, users will be automatically redirected to the mirror site. Therefore, when choosing a casino, it makes sense to pay attention to the presence of mirrors since this fact directly testifies the reliability of the gambling establishment.

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Benefits of Portals with Mirrors

  • Possibility to access your account

If there are copies of the resource, the player can be sure that he will be able to access his deposit at any time. Otherwise, there is a danger of losing his funds. Also, without providing uninterrupted Internet access, the time-limited bonuses become irrelevant.

  • No need to use proxies and VPNs

Proxies and VPNs significantly slow down the speed of data exchange, which negatively affects the operation of applications. When using mirrors, there is no such problem.

  • Guarantee of uninterrupted game

Due to the presence of several mirrors, the gaming club is not only reliably protected from blocking but also can provide its players with an uninterrupted game on the slots even in the evening, when the portal has the highest traffic. Since all users are distributed automatically among the mirrors, the virtual gambling club can handle the load quite well.

As you can see, mirrors play an important role in gambling. Does your website have a mirror? Take your time to check it. Good luck!