Mobile SEO enhancement through responsive web design

Today, websites play an incredibly large role in how companies are able to sway customers. It has been long agreed upon that web design is crucial in securing a successful marketing campaign and also maintaining a steady number of customers. As technology has advanced however, we are now facing a generation of consumers that are almost entirely operating off of mobile devices which are the new staple in terms of communications and technology. Through mobile devices, popular trends have people visit and shop seamlessly more so than they do in stores. The experience is quick and easy, exactly the words that describes today’s approach on pretty much anything. But some might not be convinced by just that, so here is an informative guide on why mobile SEO is important and how it can benefit tremendously from responsive web design.

The popularity of mobile platforms
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First of all, let’s establish how important it is to invest in mobile tech in this day and age. Just so you get an idea of how the mobile market is leading the industry at the moment, consider the fact that mobile web browsing amounts for more than 60% of all web traffic in the United States. That’s quite a lot of people that prefer them mobile solution instead of the desktop or laptop. In terms of how many people in the US actually own a smartphone that would make the eligible for the previous count, the number is 58%. That’s the percentage of adults that own a smartphone. These numbers are not at all stagnant however as they continue to grow and there’s no telling how high is high enough for mobile devices. Ever since the release of the first iPhone back in 2007, the smartphone industry has been steadily climbing and even taking a few huge leaps upward in the process.

Mobile activity is increasing considerably

The number of flat out mobile users isn’t the only one increasing, as the same goes for the number of people that prefer mobile platforms to perform daily duties which were once achievable only from a computer. The numbers show that more and more people are starting to get into shopping online directly from their mobile phones. It’s understandable as it is not only easy, but also efficient and fast. This can be said about online shopping in general, but the mobile twist adds an extra layer by making it even more seamless and smooth thanks to the often times simplified interface versions designed for mobile which make it easy to get things done or confirm your order with just the tap of a button.

While mobile shopping is becoming more important as days fly past, so too is mobile socializing through social media portals. Social media is a colossus of its own, but pair it with a top of the line Smartphone and you have yourself an amazing SEO opportunity. It’s important to keep mobile socializing in mind as it amounts for a huge number of people that keeps growing as well. With such an audience, the important of mobile SEO grows considerably.

Responsive websites and SEO rankings

If you though that responsive websites and SEO rankings had nothing in common, think again. The way you website allows people to visit it on the mobile version will greatly impact your SEO. For the longest time since the introduction of the smartphone in mainstream culture, websites have only allowed visitors to access the desktop (and only, back then) version. Sure, it wasn’t fit for the infinitely smaller screen of a smartphone, but the pinch gesture allowed you to zoom in or out of the frame.

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That has been replaced in most cases with responsive websites, which are basically mobile versions of the same websites you can visit on your desktop. So instead of having to zoom in or out of everything, you can just get the mobile version and have everything specifically scale down to the size of your smartphone screen. And what’s even more important is the fact that a website’s SEO ranking is affected by whether or not it offers a responsive mobile website variation of its original website. This should be a strong enough incentive

More users taken care of means more happy users

Smartphones come in all sorts of different sizes, meaning that each individual user would have a different experience trying to constantly zoom in and out of frame when things were done the old way. With responsive web design however, the website scales accordingly for each individual screen size. This makes it extremely convenient for users which will be getting to access their favorite sites on their phones regardless of its screen size. That being said, it’s important to provide responsive design so that you may reach a much larger number of total users. If you make them happy they will be much more reliable and prone to become full time customers. Since people spend a lot of their time online,  not having a compelling online presence just means that you are basically giving up a huge  and free strategic position if you will, that would otherwise allow you to gain an advantage in the market you are activating under. It may be wise to consult a user experience agency to help you achieve this.

As mentioned before, internet users today don’t like to be kept waiting. More than that, they don’t like and won’t put up with faulty website design or an unresponsive platform. It’s important to maintain certain standards in order to ensure that website users and visitors will make the transition to customers. Mobile platforms are among the most visited places in the world right now and catering to people’s technological needs can also means securing a consolidated position amidst the ranks of the top SEO websites available online. Going back full circle, the SEO ranking of your website can be greatly impacted by the presence of lack of presence of responsive design, because it directly influences the kind of experience people will have on the website. That being said, those who know their websites to lack responsive design should get to work if they want to climb the ranks and improve their website and company image and traffic.

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