More AMD Vega 10 3DMark Results Surface

It seems like each day we have a new leak of AMD Vega benchmark results. This has been going over for the past few weeks, but still there is so much that is unclear. We know this is a Vega card as the device ID (687F:C1) was spotted on AMD’s own demo when they were running DOOM in 4K. Looking at the information we can see that the card is clocked at 1200 MHz core and has 8 GB of video memory running at 700 MHz.

With these clocks the Vega card scores 17,801 in 3DMark’s Fire Strike 1.1 benchmark. This is 1,400 points more than an average Fury X, but falls several hundred point to a current-generation GTX 1070.

From what we know these clocks are extremely conservative, so expect retail Vega cards to have much higher clocks. Again AMD is expected to release at least three cards carved out of the Vega 10 silicon. This one in question (687F:C1) seems to be the lowest-end one of out the pack.

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