MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC Motherboard Review

All of MSI’s motherboard companion software is run through MSI’s App Manager. All you have to do is download the App Manger and then double-click on each piece of software to download and install it. No more downloading a bunch of different apps from the MSI website.


The main motherboard companion software is the Command Center. Here you can do all of your overclocking and system tuning. First you can set the CPU frequency for each core as well as set the fan curves.


At the bottom of the screen are shortcuts to see and adjust your voltage, DRAM timings, sensors, and fan controls.


The DRAM tab will allow you to adjust your DRAM voltage and I believe the frequency as long as you don’t have an XMP profile enabled.


Game Boost is a set overclock based on what processor you have installed. So for our Ryzen 7 2700X it would overclock the system to 4.15 GHz.


MSI’s Gaming App is great if you have a MSI graphics card, you can easily switch between the different modes the card offers and turn ZeroFrozr on and off.


MSI’s Mystic Light software is of course what you will use to control the RGB products you would connect to the two 4-pin RGB headers on the board or other compatible RGB products.


Live Update 6 is great. It will make sure you have the latest drivers and software for your system. Once it searches it will download and install everything for you, making updating drivers and software a breeze.


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