MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC Motherboard Review

Overclocking on Ryzen systems is very easy to do, sometimes even easier than doing on Intel systems. With this board there are a few different ways you could do your overclock. The easiest would be the Game Boost function, which will run a few cores at the 4.15 GHz.


We want an overclock across all cores, so we could use Command Center within Windows to adjust all of our cores.


But of course the way we like to overclock is in the BIOS. All you have to do is adjust the CPU Ratio.

MSI SnapShot2

We ended up with a stable overclock of 4.1 GHz across all eight cores. This was a compeltely stable overclock, although our temperatures were a little high. I would suggest running an AiO or heavy duty CPU cooler if you wanted to run this overclock 24/7.


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